You are created to love and rule in the image of divine LOVE. Gen 1:27-28”

— Abba

What's Happening Now?

alwayS welcome to join us!

Every Wednesday at 7PM PST 

Dial: (718) 362-6360 
Enter Access Code: #7680428


About LBE

Papa Walt & Mama T

Papa Walt & Mama T

Welcome to Love by Example.

What Makes LBE Strong?

Our various trials we've been able to overcome & endure! From shootings, fires, even deaths - this ministry by the grace of God has continued to move forward & inspire thousands around the world! We hope after watching the video, you too will be inspired! 


Outreach is all year round

All throughout the year we look for ways to give. Whether it's books, CDs, money or time - we understand there are millions of people all over our world in need.

During the Winter months it can be especially tough if you're homeless out in the cold. We're already gearing up and preparing to be of service.

Our team will collect socks, towels, personal items and even provide hot meals and drinks as we're able..

As we get ready to roll up our sleeves again this year, we'd love to invite you in on the ability to share the Creator's love!

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