PoeTRY by Mama T

Here's where you'll find the creative writing side of Mama T through poetry.

“Job went through” 

Everything, Everything, I search no more..  

I found myself, in my Savior and Lord.  

Everything, Everything, my destiny is clear..  

I see now why I stumbled so many years.  

Everything, Everything, freely given to me..  

No more begging, performing or trying to appease. 

I discovered HE's Everything I’ll ever need..  

I’m living by faith - positioned in His grace!  

Filled with His poetic lyrics as I seek His face.  

He’ll be your Everything, Everything and never leave you alone..  

Won’t you stop your busyness and be still and know?  

He’s your Everything, Everything, believe and receive..  

Everything, Everything, BRAND NEW you could be!  

Everything, everything, He’s waiting for you..  

Consider Him now, YOU have the power to choose!  


“If anyone is in Christ, Everything, Everything, is all brand new”  

Mama T  

2 Corinthians 5:17

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