I am truly blessed to have such loving parents.  Who passionately love Gods truth and nothing but Gods truth.  I am never a phone call away or a prayer away from receiving, encouragement for any moment in time of need.  This is not just for the immediate family.  It also extends to those in need of help of any kind.  I have a very clarified example how to mimic Gods love from the examples, they have shown to me throughout the years.  I do not take for granted what God has given to me. Parents that love the truth of God.  Who are willing to stop the teach and parent in love whoever needs it without ceasing.  For this I am truly grateful. - Tony LaMont Harris

There's so many things I could say but my Mom is my SHERO! She taught me by her example to be more giving and self-less. I look up to her in many ways because she is very optimistic, confident and driven. I know her story and it's amazing how she still has a willing heart to help people. Papa Walt is the same way. He will lend a helping hand when someone is in need. They both have demonstrated The true LOVE of Our Creator, and for them I will forever be thankful. Love you! - Hadassah
I have known Walter and Tonie Gatlin for over 25 years. They are two of the most genuine people I have ever known. Their hearts are fully devoted to Christ and they have remained steadfast in fulfilling the call of God in their lives. They consistently provide clear Biblical teaching that encourages and challenges people to draw near to Christ and be transformed by Him.”

— Kelly Cohoe

This video reminds me of Tonie Gatlin's ministry downtown Portland, Oregon. I met her on a cold winter night around Xmas time. 2011? I was scared and alone. Her and her husband brought their church (themselves) to the people. Now that's what I call Christianity. I love her and will never forget her. P. S. And yes their act's of kindness were similar to this video

Their passion to obey the above command is exemplified in the ministries carried out by Walter and Tonie Gatlin. From church ministry to street ministry to radio ministry, their commitment to share Jesus Christ and God's saving gift of salvation with the lost is lived out in their lives. Tonie, a pastor, teacher, and author, along with her husband Walter, are genuine vessels through which the truth and the beauty of the gospel is shared.”

— Jill

Tonie was Pastor and leader of our women's group called Grace Women's Ministry, my life changed in many ways and I am sure other women that belonged to our group. She encouraged us in our walk with God taught us to always stay close to the vine, and to let the Holy Spirit teach us guide, and strengthen us in our walk with him, how prayer and unity broke the yoke of the enemy; she encouraged us to always occupy our lives with what God had given us until his return for us. Those were stepping stones, and wonderful learning times in my life and others. I will never forget where God brought me, and I know others by blessing us to know her. God be with her in all her endeavors and work in you to come. Sincerely your sister in Christ. - Roxanne Randall

It's God's happy presence in your lives Mama and Papa. It's your crazy love for the Lord and your ceaseless love for us and others. You always welcome the world around you to accept the Lord and learn all that is possible to learn about him. This is my testimony about you two. You go Mama and Papa!!!! We love you!”

— Lowell and Camille

I just want to say that I thank the Lord for Mama T and papa Walter have been such a blessing in my life. I have learned so much under their mentorship. Their love for God and His word is just amazing. I wish I knew more Christians like this!”

— Rose

What a joy it's been to serve with you Mama T! Your passion, heart for our King, and authenticity is truly inspiring! I love engaging in ministry with you whether it's through books, seminars, or your Gold Nuggets on radio! Your effectiveness is undeniable and it has truly been a blessing to serve with you. Here's to future adventures, as we continue to bring in one of the greatest harvests ever seen, all for our King's glory!!!”

— Lady Light

"Through meeting Tonie and Walt we have grown in our relationship with Jesus. Tonie has taught us about taking every thought captive and who we really are in Christ. As we have listened and put these things into practice, God has revealed even more to us and it has just revolutionized our relationship with Him. We are so thankful for our relationship with Tonie and Walt; they are like spiritual parents to us. Love ya lots!!" - April & Travis
"Mama T and Walter have been a blessing in my life. Mama T has not only been a mentor to me being a new believer but she has also employed my father to help beautify her amazing yard and home. Not by imposing her (mama T) beliefs upon my father has she found a way to speak to him about the Lord but by being patient with him speaking truth to him and sincerely caring about his well being has she been able to plant a seed in him that has grown before my eyes. I have also enjoyed many studies with Mama T as she only seeks truth and not tradition and by doing so she has led my relationship with my current boyfriend by a Biblical standard. Encouraging us to get married so that we can mend our issues before God and not for the flesh. Walter has also been an enlightening man of God by sharing his testimony and being very involved in bible studies. I am truly blessed to know this couple and am proud to be in their company when I have the opportunity."
- Tonya