Who is Mama T?

Mama T is a Christian wife to Walter, mother, grandmother and great-grandmother. She loves helping people discover their God given purpose for life. Prayer and faith in Jesus Christ is central to her life. Her philosophy is simple “Trust God, He has the perfect plan for your life”. P. Mama T. serves under the leadership of her husband and Senior Pastor Kelly Cohoe. She and her family lead a Mobile Outreach called “Love by Example”. March 2011, LBE celebrated its 1st Anniversary.

Toni was born and raised in Portland, Oregon during the hoop skirts and Motown music age. Her early years were scared by abandonment and sexual abuse, which led to years of internal deep-rooted seeds of bitterness, fear, and loneliness. She looked for love but all in the wrong places. These destructive qualities caused her to accelerate as a Black Belt Karate expert in 1979. This art only compounded her destructively prideful self-esteem. At the age of 19, Toni married, gave birth to four beautiful children while enduring the physical and verbal abuse continually throughout her marriage by her first husband.

During this time Toni was introduced to Jesus Christ by a co-worker named, Micla. Although that surrender to Jesus didn’t really take root until many years later, leaving her as a single parent for seven struggling years. During early transformation, God used all the pieces of her physical karate armor as a metaphor about the real spiritual armor found in the Bible. In addition to the Jewish phylactery penned on the doorpost of her home. Written inside on the little scroll, “Here O Israel the Lord is one God. Deuteronomy 6:4-5” These were the two divine revelations that caused Toni’s spiritual eyes and home to open to intercity gang members for 3 years and help them recover as she had done.

Toni’s story has several vicissitudes enveloped in tragedy and triumph, poverty and prosperity. She has learned to overcome tumultuous circumstances, only by staying close to her God and Savior. She loves God and is thankful that He continues to heal and forgive. P. Mama T’s story reverberates with men, women and children from all lifestyles. She loves family, music, cats and dogs, and hopes to buy a horse for her grandkids one day. Most of all, she loves to study the word of God.

Pastor Mama T’s straightforward truthful personality draws many to a deeper awareness of God’s love for them. With God’s love and conviction, many lives are changed. Walter says, “Toni is like a porcupine, people get the point.” Pastor Mama T’s trials continue to teach her to look beyond the world’s externals and depend more on her spiritual inner life. She realizes that her life is Christ’s life and He personally lives N’side her.

As a wife, author, teacher, pastor, counselor, exercise instructor and lover of people, Pastor Mama T desires to declare God’s message of hope in Christ. As Pastor of LBE with Walter, Pastor Mama T believes she would not be where she is today without clear understanding of God’s unconditional love. Along with the support of her children and Grandmother who had raised her with love.