Papa Walter Gatlin

Walter Gatlin was born in Greenville, Alabama in 1953, and he was raised in Portland, Oregon.  His parents wanted him to know parts of the prejudices which were present in the south; his father (Daddy Steve) was a suspect in the raping of a white woman, thus, forcing the family to leave and move west.  The family then settled in Portland, Oregon.  There, Walter grew up and met his lovely wife, Tonie.

Walter attended grade school and graduated from a school then known as ‘Benson Poly-Technical High School’.  His major course of study was electronics and he was a gifted student who could readily fix and build anything that he put his hands on.  Also, as a left-handed artist he has had many drawings that express his creative beauty within.

Pastor Mama T and LBE desire to travel and share His good news. She has a goal to reach 1 million souls, to produces 1 million dollars and bring many to a million-dollar heaven. “Why?” Says Pastor Mama T, “Because nothing is impossible to those who believe in God!”